Visual Studio Team Services VSTS and TFS 2017 Advanced Extension

Important: This extension is in beta.
General Availability expected by March 2017.
Come back to us at to enroll in the private beta.
In case of VSTS, please let us know your VSTS account in your email, we'll share the extension with you.
Otherwise for TFS 2017 we will give you a link to download the extension.

A new Visual Studio Team Services extension is available. It consists of a build task that analyses code and code coverage yielded by the build process.
A web portal presents the results which embeds the NDepend dashboard and makes data actionable by drilling down anything with a single click.

The screenshot below shows the NDepend build task.

The web portal has a dashboard that presents the most relevant data including technical debt, code size, quality gates, rules and issues numbers.

A TFS build can be used as a baseline. All dashboard data is then diff-ed since the baseline.

Each data presented in the dashboard is clickable to view more information.

An NDepend Analysis Report is shown in each Build Summary:

A detailled summary of quality gates is available.

Technical debt can be drilled down till the issue level. Clicking an issue allows it to be edited in the Rules panel.

The datagrid is interactive: issues can be grouped, ordered and filtered by rule name.

Rules details can be explored. Clicking a rule violation redirects the user to the VSTS Code Search extension, displaying the source code of the culprit code element.

The VSTS extension logs trend metrics for each build, and Trend charts are shown.

A panel shows a code metrics recap for each code element.

The datagrid is interactive: elements can be grouped, ordered and filtered by name.