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GetAvailableAnalysisResultsRefsGroupedPerMonth Method
NDepend.Analysis Namespace > ExtensionMethodsProjectAnalysis Class : GetAvailableAnalysisResultsRefsGroupedPerMonth Method
This NDepend project.
Gets a collection of all analysis results available for this project, grouped per months.
public static IReadOnlyList<IAnalysisResultsRefsForAMonth> GetAvailableAnalysisResultsRefsGroupedPerMonth( 
   IProject project


This NDepend project.
If project.NDepend.Project.IProject.HistoricAnalysisResult doesn't save historic analysis results, then the returned list will contain the most recent analysis result available for this project, or nothing if no analysis result is available for this project.
On a NDepend project with many analysis results available for years, it is performant wise to call this method than calling GetAvailableAnalysisResultsRefs, because analysis results references are then lazy-resolved, per month.

Target Platforms: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and Linux, MacOS with net8.0, net7.0 or net6.0 installed

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