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NDepend.Analysis Namespace : IAnalysisResultRef Interface

The following tables list the members exposed by IAnalysisResultRef.

Public Properties
 Property Gets the path to the analysis result data file.  
 Property Gets the date when the analysis execution finished.  
 Property Gets the analysis result referenced Id if any, else returns the empty string.  
 PropertyReturns true if the analysis data is stored in a historic directory. Returns false if the analysis data is stored in the project output directory.  
 Property Gets the NDepend project from which the analysis has been done.  
 Property Gets the path to the report file corresponding to the analysis result.  
Public Methods
 MethodOverloaded.  Loads the analysis result corresponding to this analysis result reference.  
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodReturns true if both analysis result references point to the same analysis result.
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