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ExtensionMethodsCQLinqCompare Class
NDepend.Reserved.CQLinq Namespace : ExtensionMethodsCQLinqCompare Class
Presents extension methods on code elements, that provide a syntax friendly way to specify diff actions in CQLinq rules queries.
public static class ExtensionMethodsCQLinqCompare 
These extension methods exist for CQLinq friendly syntax reasons and can only be called in a ICQLinqExecutionContext.
Indeed they all rely on a hidden NDepend.CodeModel.ICompareContext object, hidden in CQLinq queries. This results in less syntax burden.
At CQLinq compilation time, the CQLinq compiler takes care of transforming calls to these extension methods into calls to methods of a NDepend.CodeModel.ICompareContext object.
Indeed each of these extension methods, has an equivalent method defined by NDepend.CodeModel.ICompareContext, that can be called from a program that consumes NDepend.API.
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Target Platforms: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and Linux, MacOS with net8.0, net7.0 or net6.0 installed

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