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NDepend.Issue Namespace
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The namespace NDepend.Issues provides types and extension methods to handle issues.
Class This static class provides various extension methods related to Issue objects.
ClassRepresents the rule-id or the rule category defined in a usage of System.Diagnostics.CodeAnalysis.SuppressMessageAttribute.
Interface An instance of this class represents an issue.
InterfaceAn issues-set hold all data about AllIssues of CodeBase and makes convenient to browse issues, rule and code elements.
InterfaceAn issues-set-builder lets add and remove rules and issues in IssuesSet.
InterfaceAn issues-set-diff compares its NewerIssuesSet and OlderIssuesSet objects and makes convenient to browse diff information about issues, rule and code elements of these two issues sets.
InterfaceAn issues-set-diff-builder lets add and remove rules and issues in an IssuesSetDiff.
Interface Represents a quality gate.
InterfaceThe purpose of this interface is only to be downcasted to a NDepend.CodeQuery.RecordBase object.
InterfaceRepresents a rule from which IIssue are inferred.
InterfaceRepresents the result of the method call NDepend.CodeQuery.ExtensionMethodsQuery.GetIssues.
InterfaceRepresents a valid usage of System.Diagnostics.CodeAnalysis.SuppressMessageAttribute in source code with the category "NDepend".
EnumerationThis enumeration indicates if an IIssue object is referencing the record or not.
Enumeration Enumerate possible quality gate status.
Enumeration Enumerate the possible rule providers.
EnumerationScope on which a ISuppressMessage object is applied.
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