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IIssuesSet Interface
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An issues-set hold all data about AllIssues of CodeBase and makes convenient to browse issues, rule and code elements.
Object Model
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public interface IIssuesSet 
An issues-set can be created through ExtensionMethodsIssue.CreateIssuesSet or ComputeIssues(IAnalysisResult).
An issues-set gets filled through methods of IIssuesSetBuilder available through Builder.
An issues-set is not thread-safe. It is safe to call IIssuesSet read-only methods concurrently from several threads but it is not safe to call these methods and IIssuesSetBuilder methods concurrently from several threads, this would provoke corrupted state and exceptions.

Target Platforms: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and Linux, MacOS with net8.0, net7.0 or net6.0 installed

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