Good Decisions Need Good Information

It's hard making impactful decisions without good information. Working on complex software projects can often leave developers and architects out in the cold to fend for themselves. Any small change has the potential to negatively impact the software, leading to delayed launches, a sub-par product, and lost time.

NDepend gives developers and architects the power to analyze and assess codebases of any size. It shows your team how everything is connected, where to focus attention to prevent problems in the future, and makes working on code across teams a breeze with its in-depth reporting. Custom reports and metrics also help teams keep management in the loop as they meet deadlines.

NDepend gives the information you need to make good decisions.

Code Rules and Queries

Shed light on any fact about your code with code rules defined by LINQ queries. 200 default rules proposed.

Complexity & Diagrams

Spot too complex code at a glance thanks to unique diagramming capabilities in the .NET world.

More than 5 000 companies provide better .NET code with ndepend.


See what professional developers are saying about ndepend.

Scott Hanselman


"NDepend is giving me insight into my apps that I hadn't had before. Once I realized the depth and breadth of the information I was looking at, I was like a kid in a candy shop."
Scott Hanselman Program Manager at Microsoft
Jeffrey Richter


"Wintellect is happy to recommend NDepend to its clients to use it internally when working on our customer’s code."
Jeffrey Richter Wintellect co-founder, Author, Trainer

Recent Reviews from around the web

"Tools like NDepend are required for teams dealing with proper code reviews, examining code when code is idle (like on weekends), or when you have a possible circular reference in play.

NDepend not only has a great static code analysis tool, but also provides a way for veteran developers and aspiring architects alike to adhere to coding standards along with a way to integrate a company's coding standards into the tool using CQLINQ.This is definitely a tool for advanced developers and one that I definitely recommend to anyone looking to analyze a code base."

By Jonathan Danylko. Read more at Danylkoweb, NDepend for Visual Studio

"NDepend found enough problems in my code. Some of them are really helpful. I like that NDepend found 10 classes which can be changed to structures. Structures are extremely effective from the memory pressure perspectives. This is especially important when we’re talking about mobile applications."

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