Editions Comparison

Build Machine
Analysis of Application Assemblies, Code Source and Third-Party Assemblies
Facilities to Create and Customize NDepend Project
Dashboard reflecting the status of the code base
Automatic Report (HTML + javascript) Production through NDepend.Console.exe
Possible Integration into the Build Process
Warnings about the Health of the Build Process
NDepend Interactive UI Integration in Visual Studio 2013, 2012, 2010 and 2008
Interactive UI: Dependency Graph
Interactive UI: Dependency Matrix
Interactive UI: Metrics Visualization through Treemaping
Collaboration between Red-Gate.NET Reflector and NDepend Interactive UI
Edition of custom CQLinq Queries and Rules
Support for Trend charts and Trend metrics
Usage of Power Tools and NDepend.API (except Running an Analysis)
Running an Analysis from Power Tools and NDepend.API
Build Comparison / Code Diff
Import of Test Coverage Data from NCover, dotCover or Visual Studio Coverage