NDepend Frictionless Partners

VOLUMIC 3D is a french brand producing desktop 3D printer for the professional universe and the creative industry. Based on the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) open source technology, all the Volumic printers propose precision, reliability and multi-material objets production. All our machines can print in different kind of plastics, wood, brick, bronze, flexible plastics, etc… Our company is always involved in strong and innovative technology and software, and we are proudly partners of NDepend

Viseo is a company with a worldwide presence. In France, it is the first IT company to have developed the same level of expertise in all dimensions of the information system.
Willing to promote values such as Clean Code, Agility, Objects and Patterns, Viseo has been using internally NDepend since its early versions. Ever since, Viseo is recommending NDepend to its numerous customers.
Build upon this expertise, Viseo provides comprehensive training on NDepend thanks to its 4 training centers.

elmah.io may be the coolest cloud based error management service for .NET web applications. Based on the de-facto standard error component ELMAH, logging errors from your webserver requires nothing more than installing a NuGet package.
All exceptions on your webservers will automatically be synced to elmah.io’s powerful infrastructure based on Elasticsearch and Windows Azure. When indexed, everything from full-text to time-based searches fly at supersonic speed.
As a NDepend customer, you get a 10% discount on elmah.io

Did you try once to build your .NET API documentation with Sandcastle? We at NDepend we've tried and we estimate it is way too painful. This is why we build our API documentation with Innovasys DocumentX, that makes the documentation tunning and building process super easy!

Founded by industry experts in 2001, Syncfusion, Inc. provides the broadest range of enterprise-class software components and tools for the Microsoft .NET platform. With Syncfusion, developers can move beyond simply coding applications to delivering real business innovation — the elegant user interfaces, business intelligence dashboards, and sophisticated reporting that today's business users need, in the formats they demand.

MouseExtender is a cosy utility with shortcuts to programs, folders and system functions (Control panel, Restart and Shutdown), open-source and freeware. This program allows you to improve your productivity. It is extremely simple and fully customizable.

MiracleDB contains a bunch of useful tools and scripts to ease your everyday SQL Server tasks. A lot of SQL Server DBA's walk around with their own set of tools/scripts to give whatever info they usually looks for, but now we have put some of these magic tools in one place - and that place is the MiracleDB.

HubbleDotNet is an open-source full-text search database project based on .Net Framework which can be used as search engine system. Fast, precise, SQL supported, distributable and easy to use.

VB Migration Partner is an innovative conversion software, by VB guru Francesco Balena, that helps you port VB6 applications to .NET. It supports virtually all VB6 features and controls, and generates .NET applications with fewer errors and in less time than any other conversion tool on the market.

SmartInspect is an advanced logging tool for debugging and monitoring .NET, Java and Delphi applications. It helps developers identify bugs, find solutions to user-reported issues and gives a precise picture of how software performs in different environments.

CI Factory makes it easy to setup an entire build environment, integrating all of the most popular continuous integration tools into a proven configuration with a plug-in architecture.

TestDriven.NET makes it easy to run unit tests with a single click, anywhere in your Visual Studio solutions. It supports all versions of Microsoft Visual Studio and it integrates with the best .NET development tools.

As the leading code coverage tool for Microsoft .NET software, NCover monitors your code while running under test and reports where your code is being exercised (and more importantly, where it is not being exercised).

LLBLGen Pro generates a complete data-access tier and business objects tier for you (in C# or VB.NET), utilizing powerful O/R mapping technology and a flexible task-based code generator, allowing you to at least double your productivity.

MbUnit is the Generative Unit Test Framework for the .NET Framework. It provides advanced unit testing support with advanced fixtures to enable developers and testers to test all aspects of their software.

Rhino.Mock : A dynamic mock object framework for the .Net platform. It's purpose is to ease testing by allowing the developer to create mock implementations of custom objects and verify the interactions using unit testing.

Behaviour-driven development (BDD) is an evolution of test-driven development (TDD) and acceptance-test driven design, and is intended to make these practices more accessible and intuitive to newcomers and experts alike.

BlogML BlogML is an open XML format for blog content and to store and restore the content of a blog and migrate blog content between different blogging tools. Along its specification, it has a rich .NET library to work with XML content easily.

Stormwind Project : is an active community with projects for the .Net platform. Featured projects include Stormwind.Accuracy (Acceptance Testing), Stormwind.ValEver (AoP Validation), Stormwind.Fjords (Multi-Tenent Web Portal), Stormwind.Reports (Reporting Engine) and much more.