Visual Studio Integration

    Visualization of overall Code Base Coverage by tests on the Metrics View

    Browsing the code structure through fast and smooth dependency graph

    Dashboard comparing NDepend v2017.1 and NDepend v6.3 snapshots + Trend charts, with a focus on the Explore Debt menu.

    Editing a Trend Chart.

    Exploring Quality Gates status from a single click on the dashboard.

    Exploring issues from a single click on the dashboard.

    Browsing the set of default CQLinq code rules

    Comparing Nancy v1.3.8 with Nancyv 1.0.0

    Generating a CQLinq Query from an interface in the VS Code Editor.

    A generated graph of dependencies between some classes of System.Collections.Generic

    Using the Dependencies Structure Matrix to browse coupling between assemblies

    Generating a graph from the Dependency Structure Matrix of a dependency cycle between some namespaces of mscorlib

    Selecting the list of methods where code was changed between 2 versions and visualizing source code modifications

    Using conjointly the Dependencies Structure Matrix and the Graph to display dependencies between assemblies


    The NDepend Report first page

    Project Management

    Selecting the assemblies to analyze (on the left) and the list of tiers assemblies inferred automatically (on the right)

    Information and warnings about the health of the Build process, emitted during analysis

    Details of the CQLinq queries edition with intellisense:

    Posters built by NDepend