Features Matrix

Developer Edition Build Machine Edition
Analysis of any Visual Studio project and any .NET assembly
Facilities to Create and Customize NDepend Project
✓ ✓
Smart Technical Debt Estimation
Quality Gate
✓ ✓
Comparison against a Baseline ✓ ✓
Import of Test Coverage Data
from NCover, dotCover or Visual Studio Coverage
✓ ✓
Default and Custom:
Code Rules
Trend Metrics and Trend Charts
Quality Gates
✓ ✓
Automatic Report (HTML + javascript) Production through NDepend.Console.exe ✓
Integration into the Build Process. Integration with TFS 2013, SonarQube, TeamCity. For Azure DevOps (VSTS) and TFS extensions special licensing is required. Please contact us at [email protected] ✓
Build Failure on Quality Gate Violation
Warnings about the Health of the Build Process
Integration in Visual Studio 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2010 ✓
Interactive UI: Dependency Graph ✓
Interactive UI: Dependency Matrix ✓
Interactive UI: Metrics Visualization through Treemaping ✓
Collaboration with Red-Gate.NET Reflector to disassemble ✓
Usage of Power Tools and NDepend.API
(except Running an Analysis)
✓ ✓
Running an Analysis from Power Tools and NDepend.API ✓