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NDepend v2022.1.3 for Developer

NDepend for Developer is dedicated to developers that use NDepend interactive UI from:

  • the NDepend Visual Studio extension, supported VS versions: 2022, 2019, 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2010.
  • or through the VisualNDepend.exe standalone executable.

It only runs on Windows. Each machine on which NDepend for Developer is activated, counts as a license seat.

See NDepend interactive UI screenshots here.

NDepend v2022.1.3 for Build Machine

NDepend for Build Machine is dedicated to Windows, Linux and Mac build servers and Continuous Integration (CI) servers that integrate NDepend analysis into their build processes and produce NDepend reports (see sample reports here).

Each physical machine, each virtual machine (VM), each agent, on which NDepend for Build Machine is activated, counts as a license seat.

NDepend for Build Machine is required to integrate NDepend into: SonarQube, TeamCity, Jenkins, AppVeyor, Bamboo.

NDepend Azure DevOps / TFS extension

The NDepend Azure DevOps / TFS Extension lets run an NDepend analysis after each rebuild and explore results in an interactive dashboard embedded in the AzureDevOps / TFS dashboard.

The NDepend Azure DevOps / TFS Extension is sold per 5x users allowed to access the extension dashboard. Only users accessing the hub are counted. Let's precise that the NDepend analysis is triggered no matter if the user responsible for commit is allowed to access the extension dashboard or not.

You can test the Azure DevOps / TFS Extension full-featured trial-version for 28 days from its marketplace page here.

Features Matrix

Developer Edition Build Machine Edition Azure DevOps / TFS Edition

Integration in Visual Studio 2022, 2019, 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2010
(see screenshots of NDepend within Visual Studio here)

Quality Gates and Rules validation within Visual Studio, before commit

Interactive Dependency Graph

Interactive Dependency Matrix

Interactive Metrics Visualization through Treemaping


Integration into the Build Process with Jenkins, AppVeyor, Bamboo, TeamCity, SonarQube.

Automatic Report Production through
NDepend.Console.exe (see some sample reports here).

Running an Analysis from Power Tools and NDepend.API.


Integration with Azure DevOps and TFS 2017 and upper versions. (marketplace extension page)

Cloud Code Quality integrated within Azure DevOps, no need for VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server).


Fail the build upon Quality Gate failure

✓ ✓

Facilities to Create and Customize NDepend Project

Write Custom Rules and Queries and edit default ones.

Rich code search by generating code queries

Usage of Power Tools and NDepend.API
(except Running an Analysis)

✓ ✓

Analysis run that scans any Visual Studio solution and any .NET assembly

Dashboard in UI ; in Report ; in Azure DevOps / TFS

Smart Technical Debt Estimation

Quality Gates validation

Comparison against a Baseline

Import of Test Coverage Data from

Visual Studio Coverage, OpenCover, dotCover or NCover

Run Default and Custom Code Rules and Queries
Trend Metrics and Trend Charts

Issues suppression
✓ ✓ ✓