The entire community of real-world .NET developers is enthusiast about NDepend capabilities that help writing better code.
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"I am quite impressed with the amount of information that NDepend gave me about my project."
Adam Salvo DevOps Manager at Trek Bicycle Corporation
"I can pretty much guarantee it'll tell you some things you didn't know about the code your team has been working on!"
Ade Miller Principal Software Architect at Microsoft Studios
"I've really come to love, and even depend on NDepend. I think it will be an indisposable part of my toolkit."
Alex Ullrich Seasoned .NET Developer ; Consultant at Technotects
"More effort should be put on tools like FxCop and NDepend, which are more important than tools to design diagrams that won’t ever be in sync with the code."
Alisson Sol Principal Development Lead for Bing
"I definitely recommend NDepend. Personally I am going to integrate NDepend in the development processes I'm involved in."
Anatoly Lubarsky Experienced Software Architect and DBA/Developer
"I have to say that this tool is worth it’s weight in gold. (...) And in a matter of minutes I had a report generated on the code base for my book. I honestly wish I had this tool integrated into my build process from day one as I would have seen some bottle necks that I will now go back in and fix!"
Andrew Siemer ASP.NET Expert ; Enterprise Architect at Dell
"I've only just started putting NDepend to use and the tool blows me away, CQL is a very, very powerful way of adjusting queries across the various metrics that are produced in your code"
Andrew Stopford MbUnit Open Source Project Team Leader ; Technical Director at HAVAS LYNX
"When you have to analyze a lot of code there is no better static analysis tool than NDepend"
Andriy Buday Experienced Austrian .NET Developer
"NDepend is the number one must-have tool that should be in every developer’s toolbox "
Arjan Zuidhof Senior .NET Developer ; Netherlands
"NDepend is very cool—it’s actually fun to play with, and it gives you good information for what to work on."
Ben Watson IT Architect ; Operations and Project Management
"There's a learning curve associated with it; however once you know the in and outs the information makes a whole lot a sense. This is must have tool for any .Net developer."
Bigyan Rajbhandari Program Manager at Microsoft
"I can't tell you how many times I've used this tool ... but it's a lot. :)"
Brad Smith Microsoft Consultant
"I'd say this is a tool any technical lead, senior developer, or architect in charge of code quality should have in their toolbox."
Brian Noyes CTO and Architect at Solliance ; Microsoft Regional Director
"When it comes to tools, the Mercedes Benz of .NET code metrics tools from my point of view has to be NDepend."
Carel Lotz Software Architect
"While initially a bit intimidating, NDepend can be your best friend once you get around the idiosyncrasies, and is invaluable in putting together a comprehensive picture of how an app is structured."
Chris R. Chapman Software consultant specializing in SharePoint, .NET technologies and agile/iterative/lean software project management practices.
"Check out this presentation. I must say - I am impressed."
Chris Donnan Experienced Programmer
"I have to say NDepend is a must-have tool for any developer who cares about code quality."
Claudio Lassala Ruby on Rails developer, C# MVP, Speaker, Writer
"I think NDepend is a awesome tool for getting information on what’s happening in your project."
Craig Sutherland CruiseControl.NET lead developer ; Senior Developer at The University of Auckland
"I see a real usefulness to this product in many cases: you are looking at a code base and wondering A. What was done by those crazy “other” developers? B. What did I do on this project way back when? C. How is the product progressing?"
Chris Brandsma Director of Software Development at Unity Media Group
"I ran this picture (an NDepend diagram showing unused methods) by people in our group who, unlike me, actually have authority to buy stuff. Almost immediately, they put a line item in the budget for 10 NDepend licenses."
Dale Smith Senior Software Engineer
"I believe this level of customization, which can be achieved through some really simple syntax can provide great value to maintain large code bases across development teams with many developers compliant with a set of rules."
Damian Schenkelman Southworks .NET development and assitant teacher at UBA (Buenos Aires University).
"NDepend is a nice compliment to FxCop and I think both should be used regularly when writing .NET applications."
Dave Donaldson Senior Software Engineer
"If you’re working on a fairly large and complex project (...) then you should definitely give NDepend a shot."
David Brown Owner at Missouri CompuDoc ; Experienced .NET Programmer
"After using this tool, it’s my most favorite tool to reviewing my code!"
David Maor Senior consultant and Architect at SRL Group, specializes .NET technology and Team System
"NDepend can do some things that no other product can touch. These capabilities are seriously amazing (...) If you need every advantage to keep your code base healthy, you should check out this tool. If you’re good, this tool will make you better."
David Lambert Applications architect specialized in .NET technologies
"NDepend is a very powerful tool aimed at developers who want to do more than "get it done" when it comes to their work, and are truly aiming at excellence in their design and implementation details. I encourage you to check it out."
David Morton C#, F#, .NET Programmer
"While FxCop is great at catching small problems and details, it isn't the best tool to see the big picture regarding your software. Enter NDepend!"
David Mohundro Associate Manager, Software Development at The Active Network
"It’s my intention to start using NDepend regularly, its features are really incredible and are indispensable to understand the way of work of thirdy-part libraries."
David Zordan Microsoft MVP
"NDepend is mad fun to play around with and it WILL give you a better insight in your project and it WILL help you clean up your code quite a bit!"
Dirk Schuermans Microsoft Student Partner Belgium
"There comes a time in every single 'real world' project when its codebase becomes hard to manage, methods become too long, classes too complex and objects tightly coupled until it’s hard to tell where a functionality starts and where it ends. This is exactly the problem that NDepend is solving."
Dror Helper Software Architect
"In my opinion, NDepend is an excellent analyzer tool to ensure overall quality of your code base."
Edwin Foh Senior Software Developer at National Australia Bank
"I think this tools adds some great functionality that dovetails nicely with the features of from the various Visual Studio suites."
Elijah Manor Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft ASP.NET MVP
"NDepend is a great tool. In the past I used SourceMonitor but NDepend is much more complete and professional and give a lot more information about the code."
Emanuele DelBono Experienced .NET Programmer
"NDepend is a great product for anyone that is seriously interested in code quality. And we all should be, right?"
Emil Åström Systems architect and senior developer at Active Solution AB
"On a previous project, we had integrated NDepend on the daily build and at the of each iteration, we would take a few minutes to look at the reports and note a few actions to be taken during the next one. It was a great way to maintain quality and I strongly recommend you integrate it one day one of your next project."
Erik Renaud Lean Coach and Solution Architect
"NDepend is a powerful tool with great many features."
Eugene Zakhareyev Software Development Engineer at Microsoft
"Once you realize what the power of metrics are, and you understand how to judge them in the context of your code, a tool like NDepend can give great value to get insight in the quality and health of the software you wrote. "
Frans Bouma MVP, Author of Llblgen
"Using tools like NDepend for static code analysis and NCover for code coverage analysis can be of great help in not only gaining more insight about your code, but also guiding you to the parts of the code which are most important to the application as a whole."
Fredric Kalseth Managing Consultant at Capgemini
"First off, NDepend is becoming very quickly one of my most favourite applications to use when reviewing my code - actually it is my favourite!"
Ganville Barnett .NET Programmer
"NDepend has a really cool query languages, that looks a lot like SQL, that lets you customize any of the existing metrics that it tracks or write your own (it comes with so many that it seems like I just customize)"
Geoff Lane Owner / Software Developer
"The thing that makes it stand out from the rest of static analysis tools is, at least for me, the fact that it stores results into a form that can be easily queried to implement custom code quality metrics and restrictions."
Gojko Adzic Partner at Neuri Consulting LLP
"NDepend is a highly professional product (...) I think a tool like NDepend can really help you to get a deep insight and perspective on how build your application and then help you to improve your code. "
Gil Fink Microsoft Certified Professional Developer
"I think NDepend will be critical for me the next time a new, yet already existing project, is thrown over the wall to me... In playing with it, it looks like one great way to visually explore the code and structure of a project. "
Greg Ducan Experienced .NET Programmer
"What are you waiting for? Get that spaghetti code out and let NDepend have it for breakfast."
Guy Harwood Chief Technical Architect at Infonetica Ltd
"So, what are you waiting for? grab a free version, and give it a try."
Hadi Eskandari Senior Software Developer at Readify, Australia
"NDepend really is like a Sensei that shows you the way."
Håkan Forss System architect and developer with project and team leader experience
"NDepend can help you get a deep understanding of the design and structure of any code base real fast, so if you are in the consulting business like me, this tool can really help you to get up to speed fast."
Henry Cordes Development team manager, architect, lead developer, system designer and system Integrator
"(with NDepend) Lives for architects and application designers have never been easier. They no longer need to deal only with whiteboards and CASE tools. NDepend allows them to deal straight with the actual code realtime."
Hendry Luk Seasoned Software Developer
"We all have heard the principle of creating loose couplings between separate source code groups. E.g. you should encapsulate persistence, user interface and business logic seperately. Can a tool like NDepend help me to verify that I succeeded in doing so? You might have guessed that this is a rethorical question...so...yes."
Holger Flick IT Manager at Korfmann Lufttechnik GmbH
"The way I look at my code has been changed forever. What you get is an abundance of relevant and pertinent information about your code, that you never thought possible (..) NDepend is an essential new development tool."
Ira Lukhezo Development Team Leader
"Basically this is a fantastic tool that has already provided me with information I need in order to improve the robustness of my code, if you were using this tool to interrogate a code base your not familiar with it would be completely invaluable.."
"Just amazing work! My two thumbs up."
Jan Van Ryswyck Senior Developer at iChoosr
"You can point it at your compiled assemblies and it will suck out a whole bunch of amazing stuff that you didn't know about your code."
Jason Gorman Software Development Coach and Rabble-Rouser
"The power of the tool increases exponentially as you build more complex and involved projects. It can help you sort dependencies, optimize your code, enforce naming conventions, and much more."
Jeremy Likness Principal Consultant at Wintellect
"NDepend is a great metrics/code analysis tool."
Jim Holmes Architect, co-author of Windows Developer Power Tools (O'Reilly 2007)
"NDepend simply rocks! The immediate impact that NDepend can have on a code base is priceless."
Jim Sally Senior Consultant at InfoReliance
"But I think this (NDepend) is THE MONSTER REFACTORING TOOL !(...)In addition to MASSIVE refactoring, it does things like Code Quality Audits, Build Comparisons, Naming Rules, Multi Thread rationalization (COOL !), and tons more."
Joe Stagner Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation
"I agree that a static analysis tool like NDepend is great for architects or even team leads who wants to have a quick overview of their project rather than diving into the code and scratch their heads. With it, one can have a bird's eye view on their projects."
Joey Calisay Senior Analyst Programmer at Barclays
"Go and grab NDepend and start improving your code."
John-Daniel Trask Director at Pervasive Group Limited
"I've just started using NDepend, and I feel like it should be mandatory for architects. Any project can benefit from it."
Kartones Experienced software engineer
" If you really want to know your code and you are looking for a tool which provides more than simple application metrics, NDepend may be the right product for you. I highly suggest you check it out."
Ben Griswold (JohnnyCoder) Principal Software Developer at Fairway Technologies
"Being able to query the quality of your code is just awesome!"
Jean-Paul Smit Independent Certified SOA Architect and Application Integration Specialist focused on Microsoft Technology
"I really like NDepend's ability to show the dependencies in different ways and the interactive dependency matrix that allows you to drill down into a dependency to see exactly where it comes from."
Jeroen Frijters IKVM Project Manager
"I discovered that some of my code should be improved (almost saying fixed!), NDepend has show where there was some source code problems and why they were problems! I’m learning from this tool, besides my senior professional experience as a team leader, developer and Certified Trainer!"
José Cruz Enterprise Consultant, Senior .NET Developer
"NDepend is a program that analyzes your code and produces information about the complexity and quality of your code and its architecture, not as static graphs and reports but instead as an interactive tool that lets you zoom and explore areas of complexity and that gives you a much more in-depth understanding of the architecture of your code. Just using it makes you brainier."
Julian M Bucknall DevExpress CTO
"We've been successfully using NDepend in the build process to automate architectural rules checking - thanks to the use of the CQL language - in the context of a multiple-projet medical devices platform maintained by more than 30 developpers.. The magic of this is that architects don't have to repeatedly enforce architectural rules anymore: they focus on higher-value issues. And their relations with the developpers evolve as they let go the bad cop role, delegated to NDepend, to something more friendly and constructive. Last but not least: architectural rules are consistently enforced on the long run, even after the initial architects are gone. I recommend this tool. "
Julien Zaegel Stago Development & Research IT Manager
"If you want to quickly get a feeling for an existing code base, or when you do want to de reviews or if you want to keep on ongoing eye on the quality of the code base NDepend is a tool you definitely want in your tool belt."
Kees Dijk Senior Consultant at Deloitte Netherlands
"Ladies and gentlemen I present you CQL. Truly - that is really wicked idea to query your own code. It's the single most awesome thing/option/(?) I have ever seen in a dev tool."
Krzysztof Koźmic .NET Expert ; Consultant at Readify Australia
"Theres a slight learning curve but once you get the hang of it, its goodness.. :)"
Lester Lobo Senior Lead Software Engineer (QA) at Microsoft Corporation
"Remember that software development is about choices(...) NDepend is a tool that can help you INTELLIGENTLY make those choices."
Lee Brandt Sr Project Manager at Linkvest SA
"Need code analysis? Then go get it."
Luis Abreu Microsoft MVP ; Software developer at DRI
"In my opinion, each development team should be gathering some metrics from NDepend with every build and do a more detailed analysis once in a while."
Maarten Balliauw Technical Evangelist at JetBrains
"The amount of information you can mine from your codebase is pretty impressive. (...) In short, it’s well worth checking out NDepend."
Mark Simpson Software Engineer at eeGeo
"The tool itself is very drillable and effective (...) Give it a try. A must."
Mário Romano .NET Programmer
"If you're interested in the quality of your code I believe there really is no equal. This is the tool you need."
Matt Simner Experienced Software Developer and Applications Architect
"I am definitely glad for purchasing this tool. It has enlightened many people at my new company. They hadn’t see anything like it before."
Michael Jesse .NET Developer at Ambit Energy
"NDepend rocks. I have used it to help simplify APIs and frameworks like the Composite Web Application Block in WCSF. nDepend allowed me to file bugs against my team's code because methods were too big and complex, or types were too tightly coupled, or classes/interfaces needed to be moved from one assembly to another."
Michael Puleio Microsoft Corp. PM at Patterns & Practices
"Simply put this application should be included with all Visual Studio Installs. It is that important. If Performance as well as clean code is important to you or your business you should have this to view all your important applications."
Mike Dopp Senior Systems Administrator At Park City Group
"As far as I know there are three tools that can be used to compare assembly versions: (...) I recommend using nDepend today! If you are not using it allready."
Marcel van Eijkel Information Architect ; Domain Architect ; Business Analyst ; Requirements Engineer
"I know that there are a lot of tools on the market that let you do “static analysis” of your code. (...) However, when it comes to code analysis, NDepend is in a league of its own."
Michael Ceranski Senior Programmer Analyst, MBA, MCPD
"The most fun I’ve had with this tool is running it on a legacy system and just look at the mess. Right now I run it on a daily basis in a greenfield project to make sure that we continue to follow the architecture that was decided upon."
Mikael Lundin Systems Engineer at CoreIT
"NDepend can give you the 100ft view of a large and complex code base, but at the same time allows you to analyse and pinpoint a problem and then drill-down right to the code."
Mitch Wheat Independent Computer Software Professional ; Australia
"NDepend is a cool tool, that will help you to better understand your .NET code."
Mohammad Ashraful Alam .NET Programmer
"I’m not easily impressed by even the best of software. There is usually some little thing that ruins my user experience. I tell you this so you know that what I say next is something special. Visual NDepend is AWESOME! Everything meet or far exceeded my expectations! If you are not yet running this software, you should be!"
Nathan Zaugg President / Director of Consulting Services at Mindfire Consulting Group
"My first round with NDepend pretty much kicked my ass, but in a very good way. I was able to look at a project that I was intimately familiar with in a new way, and learned that there is a very precise and quantifiable relationship between the quality of a design and the extensibility of a design. "
Nicholas Cloud Senior .NET Developer
"I give NDepend a thumbs up."
Nick Berardi’s Coder Journal Senior Consultant at RDA
"What you need is a tool that can analyze your code base. The best I have found for .NET is NDepend."
Nigel Thorne Software Coach and Automation Experts
"The thing I really like about NDepend is that I can get a clear view of what’s going on in an application and see all its dependencies without opening Visual Studio and browsing a lot of code. It is also an invaluable tool when you want to remove dependencies from third part vendor or replacing components with other. NDepend is incredibly powerful and useful, both for architects and developers."
Patrik Svensson Consultant at tretton37 AB
"This is a tool that goes more deeply in the application's structure. Besides being an analysis tool, this is also a diagnostics tool that can be integrated in build processes to guarantee architectural quality."
Paulo Morgado Microsoft MVP ; Application Analist
"I can't believe, something that is so complex is now so simple, thanks to Visual NDepend the most unbeatable tool for .NET Analyzing."
Piseth Chhourm ADE Leads for Cambodia at Microsoft
"Awesome stuff, and a great UI."
Ray Booysen (Non-Destructive Me) Technical and Team Lead - BNP Paribas
"Final words, I have to be honest here, I had fallen out of love with NDepend largely."
Ryan Svihla President & Founder of Foundational Development
"NDepend is one of the tools I absolutely love and can’t live without."
Raymond Lewallen Chief Engineer at Telogical Systems
"NDepend is an amazing tool which I can suggest to everybody!."
Roni Schuetz Enterprise Architect at Hewlett-Packard
"Patrick has built a new powerful query language and some great visualizations into the tool that absolutely convinced me I need to use this for myself and my team. "
Sam Gentile INETA Speaker and Solutions Architect MVP
"I believe this is a great tool for architects to keep a visual control (if I may say) on the code base and it's definitely amongst some of the must have dev tools."
Sarang S. Datye Consultant Microsoft Global Services (India)
"I'm a happy NDepend user!"
Sandrino SDM. Di Mattia Technical Consultant .NET at RealDolmen
"NDepend didn't disappoint me - it pointed out all the cyclomatic complexity, too many IL instructions, poor cohesion and other issues my students'code really had."
Sasha Goldshtein Professional Instructor ; .NET and C++ developer and consultant for 10 years,
"NDepend is an excellent tool that is designed to provide a very deep analysis of your compiled code to help you understand and control your development effort by managing both the quality and the complexity of your code."
Scott Dorman Microsoft MVP, Software Architect, Developer, Author
"NDepend analyzes .NET assemblies and generates reports on design quality metrics, along with warnings and diagrams. Some of the graphical reports in particular are very cool."
Scott Guthrie General Manager within the Microsoft Developer Division
"NDepend is giving me insight into my applications that I haven't had before (...) Once I realized the depth and breadth of the information I was looking at it, I was like a kid in a candy shop."
Scott Hanselman Principal Program Manager Lead in the Microsoft Developer Division (PodCast)
"NDepend is a tool that helps examine and analyze the metrics, complexities, and dependencies between the various pieces of an app’s architecture."
Scott Mitchell for MSDN magazine ; founder, and primary contributor to www.4GuysFromRolla.com
"If you’ve ever had to take someone elses code and need to figure out what’s going on, this is definitely a great aid."
Shawn Cicoria Solution Architecture, Agility, Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)
"For one and half years, we have started experimenting NDepend in our daily work at siemens healthcare and now we can see the benefits of using it."
Sébastien Andréo Technical Consultant at Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, System Architecture & Platform
"Analysis with NDepend have already saved me and my team many sleepless nights."
Simone Curzi Delivery Architect (Microsoft Consulting Services, Italy)
"NDepend is really a pain reliever. Investing some money to acquire this tool is worth."
Sony Arouje Architect at Symphony Teleca
"If you’re a shop that is doing anything non-trivial in .NET, I cannot recommend a better product for your team than NDepend."
Stephen Bohlen Technical Evangelist at Microsoft
"So, what do I think of NDepend. Well, I think it is a fantastic tool. "
Stephen Haunts UK .NET programmer, Team leader, QA engineer
"NDepend isn't a fluffy tool for making you feel very technical, it does actually contribute to a better, more maintainable code base."
Steve Fenton Senior Software Developer
"NDepend comes with a bundle of best practice design rules which are written using Code Query Language – an idea so simple and elegant that I bet the FxCop team are kicking themselves for not thinking of it first. "
Steve Wright Senior Customer Engineer
"It digs deep into your code providing an incredible level of detail."
Steve Trefethen Microsoft Certified Professional developer ; CTO at Wanderful Media
"I can highly recommend that any developer at least evaluate NDepend for their own use as it brings a rather unique perspective to the problem of analyzing even the most elusive of software projects."
Stuart Thompson Seasoned .NET Programmer
"Get it, learn it and use it not only when you need to make a revolutions, but also during your application design and build process to be aware about how the new monster created will looks like."
Tamir Khason Free software craftsmen
"NDepend is a unique code analysis tool (...) NDepend can be of invaluable service if you have to consider refactoring code that was written by someone else."
Thomas Wagner Microsoft MVP
"I love NDepend, and I highly recommend it. It tells you all sorts of things that you really do need to know about your code."
Travis Illis Software Developer - Tech Lead at Fiserv
"I’ve spent a good chuck of a week using NDepend and find it ubber useful in my work life - partly because it involves reparing the mess others have left - but it also serves as a good reminder of how you should write code."
Thushan Fernando Senior Developer at Readify
"NDepend gives you the ability to analyze your code in just about any way you can think of."
Travis Laborde Lead Developer at DMi Partners
"NDepend helps to quickly get an overview of a code base and what depends on what. Especially for code that is worked on for a long time, this helps tremendously, to reduce complexity."
Urs Enzler Software Architect and Consultant in Switzerlandd
"NDepend is invaluable tool when it comes to dependency analysis."
Vagif Abilov Senior Consultant at Miles AS
"There are many tools like Visual Studio code analysis tool, FxCop, ildasm etc. which helps in achieving one or more of above but not all. But there is one tool which helps in achieving all of them plus lot of other things like build comparisons."
Vikas Goyal .NET Programmer