NDepend: A C# Programming Convention Tool

If you have a C# codebase and are looking for a tool to improve its code quality, NDepend, a proven static code analysis tool, is your most feature-rich option. NDepend can reveal anything that your codebase may be trying to hide from you.

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Why NDepend?

  • NDepend is straightforward to install and easy to use.
  • It produces interactive web reports that can be produced from any CI/CD or DevOps technology (Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions...) on any operating system, Windows, Linux or MacOs.
  • It analyzes code written with latests versions of .NET and C#.
  • NDepend can focus on the changes since a baseline snapshot of your code base, enabling you to enhance newly written code before it reaches production.
  • NDepend provides actionable advices written in plain-english about how to improve your code.
  • It integrates with Visual Studio and interacts side-by-side with Rider and VSCode.
  • With a seamless PASS/FAIL Quality Gate approach NDepend offers the required level of flexibility to enforce what really matters for your organization.
  • It is lightning fast and achieves in seconds what other tools actually achieve in minutes or hours ( we promise, give it a try ).
  • It is straightforward to customize and extend because all of its features rely on C# LINQ queries, which are compiled and executed in real-time against your code.
  • You’ll get an immediate, visual representation of your code’s health and structure and also the ability to monitor how it looks over the lifetime of your project.

Trusted by the Industry

NDepend was created by developers for developers. It has been a tool trusted by 12.000+ companies since 2004.

Scott Hanselman
"NDepend is giving me insight into my apps that I hadn't had before. Once I realized the depth and breadth of the information I was looking at, I was like a kid in a candy shop."
Scott Hanselman Program Manager at Microsoft
Andriy Buday
"When you have to analyze a lot of code there is no better static analysis tool than NDepend"
Andriy Buday Experienced Austrian .NET Developer