ndepend : The .NET Code Quality and Security Tool

Analyze all .NET versions ; Works with all .NET IDEs and CI/CD technologies ; Run on Windows, MacOS and Linux

  • Integrate with Visual Studio 2022, 2019, 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2010, with Azure DevOps / TFS, with GitHub Action and all other DevOps platforms
  • All features available side-by-side with Visual Studio Code and Rider thanks to the standalone app VisualNDepend.exe
  • Analyze NEW .NET 8.0, .NET 7.0, .NET 6.0,  .NET Core,  .NET Fx 4.x,  ASP.NET Core,  Blazor,  Xamarin,  Unity  and  UWP  application
  • Runs on WindowsmacOS and Linux    NDepend runs on Windows, macOS and Linux

  • NDepend offers an in-depth .NET code quality management experience via an interactive web report.
  • See some sample Web Reports obtained on popular .NET OSS code bases.
  • The report is generated in seconds through a DevOps task. All CI/CD technologies and OS are supported.
  • This stands in contrast to complex, slow and costly cloud or proprietary server-based solutions.
  • As a static analyzer, NDepend is likely to identify numerous issues that impact your codebase. Halting work to address all these issues for weeks would be highly unproductive.
  • This is precisely why NDepend suggests to focus on progress since a baseline snapshot of your code base. The tool estimates the technical debt delta since the baseline.
  • The tool highlights recent code smells and regressions that should be addressed before committing any code to the source control system
  • As a result, the Code Quality remains under control with no substantial upfront investment.

  • A Quality Gate is a code quality criterion that must be enforced before releasing and eventually, before committing to source control.
  • A dozen of default Quality Gates are continuously checking measures such as overall Code Coverage by tests or Technical Debt added since baseline.
  • With NDepend, a Quality Gate is a C# LINQ query easy to customize and create. This unique approach offers the required level of flexibility to enforce what really matters for your organization.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, NDepend proposes several unique ways to visualize your code. This includes:

     NDepend Dependency Graph
  • Because we know developer time is invaluable, NDepend is fast, very fast.
  • Reports are generated in seconds. This stands in contrast with slow and complex solutions which require minutes or even hours to complete.
  • The overall technical debt is re-estimated after each compilation within the IDE or in a side-by-side standalone app, without any noticeable slow down.
  • Addressing issues is straightforward since developers are promptly informed of new issues and regressions, while the context is still fresh in their minds.
  • Code maintainability improves. This positively boosts the productivity of development teams.
  • Gradually, developers become more proficient about rules to follow and their skills improve.
  • Architects can foresee the impact of code changes. The right decisions are taken early.
  • With an ongoing and automated code quality assessment, emphasizing recent changes, both in the IDE and in the DevOps, the team consistently builds better code.
  • This, in turn, empowers executives to exercise costs and risks management thanks to light being shed on development facts and trends that matter most.
  • Issues generated by any Roslyn Analyzer can be imported in the NDepend model.
  • This means that all aspects of .NET Code Quality and Security can be monitored through NDepend.
  • When comparing against a baseline, NDepend detects which Roslyn Analyzer issue is new, unresolved or fixed since the baseline.
  • Use the NDepend Quality Gates feature to stop the build if some Roslyn Analyzers failure conditions are met.
  • See an NDepend report importing Roslyn Analyzer here.

More than 12 000 companies provide better .NET code with ndepend.


See what professional developers are saying about ndepend.

Scott Hanselman


"NDepend is giving me insight into my apps that I hadn't had before. Once I realized the depth and breadth of the information I was looking at, I was like a kid in a candy shop."
Scott Hanselman Program Manager at Microsoft
Dror Helper

Daily Life Saver

"As someone who gets to work with other people code daily I found NDepend to be a real life saver in such cases."
Dror Helper, Freelance Consultant & Software Architect
David Shifflet


"The issues NDepend raised for me seemed to be more related to architecture issues versus the other tools. It definitely gave me insight into what to refactor and how to reduce technical debt."
David Shifflet Senior Software Developer
Jeffrey Richter


"Wintellect is happy to recommend NDepend to its clients to use it internally when working on our customer’s code."
Jeffrey Richter Wintellect co-founder, Author, Trainer

Recent Reviews from around the web

"Tools like NDepend are required for teams dealing with proper code reviews, examining code when code is idle (like on weekends), or when you have a possible circular reference in play.

NDepend not only has a great static code analysis tool, but also provides a way for veteran developers and aspiring architects alike to adhere to coding standards along with a way to integrate a company's coding standards into the tool using CQLINQ.This is definitely a tool for advanced developers and one that I definitely recommend to anyone looking to analyze a code base."

By Jonathan Danylko. Read more at Danylkoweb, NDepend for Visual Studio

"NDepend found enough problems in my code. Some of them are really helpful. I like that NDepend found 10 classes which can be changed to structures. Structures are extremely effective from the memory pressure perspectives. This is especially important when we’re talking about mobile applications."

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