Reporting Roslyn Analyzers' Issues

See Roslyn Analyzers Issues Import in NDepend that explains how to import Roslyn Analyzers's Issues.

This documentation focuses on the benefit of importing Roslyn Analyzers's Issues with NDepend.

Why importing Roslyn Analyzers issues?

Since NDepend version 2024.1, issues generated by any Roslyn Analyzer can be imported in the NDepend model. There are several motivations for wanting to do that:

  • Reporting Roslyn Analyzer results: See an NDepend report importing Roslyn Analyzer here.
  • Focus your quality effort on newly written and refactored code: Achieve this by monitoring new, unresolved and fixed Roslyn Analyzers issues, thanks to the NDepend baseline feature.
  • Use the NDepend Quality Gates feature to stop the build if some Roslyn Analyzers failure conditions are met.
  • Achieve comprehensive oversight of .NET code quality and security: Complete the NDepend default rule-set that focuses on architecture, design, OOP, tests' code coverage, regression, code smells... with some Roslyn Analyzers that typically focus on C# construction usage, security, libraries usage, formatting, TODOs in code...

Reporting the Roslyn Analyzers issues in NDepend

Roslyn Analyzers issues are first-class citizens in NDepend. They are shown side by side with issues generated by CQLinq rules, everywhere in the product.