Product Features

NDepend is a "Swiss Army Knife" for .NET and .NET Core project teams. With its wide range of features, it gives deep insight into code bases and empowers developers, architects and executives to make intelligent decisions on projects.

Evaluate the Health of Your Application

NDepend allows your team to accurately gauge the overall health of your application, no matter how complex it is.

Code Rule and Code Query

More than 150 default code rules to check against best practices. Support for Code Query over LINQ (CQLinq) to easily write custom rules and query code.

Code Diff since Baseline

Compare two versions of a code base and its issues set, and browse diff and changes in any way you can think of.

Continuous Code Quality

A unique approach to continuously keep the technical debt under control and reimburse it with time.

Quality Gates

Quality Gates are C# LINQ (CQLinq) queries that implement PASS/FAIL criteria to code quality.

Reduce Friction Between Your Developer Teams

NDepend's reporting and analysis helps architects and developers to communicate and reduce confusion.

Continuous Integration Reporting

Integrate NDepend analysis into your build process and get highly customized and detailed reports to see progression and prevent code quality degradation.

Complexity and Diagrams

Spot too complex code at a glance thanks to unique diagramming capabilities in the .NET world.

Easily Manage Gigantic Projects with Hundreds of Developers

Large companies often have many large builds that work together, often in mysterious ways. NDepend's in-depth reporting and custom code queries can help your company enforce its own coding standards and maintain very complex projects.

Trend Monitoring

Get Trend Charts about pretty much any code metrics to master the evolution of your application.

Working with Legacy Code is Now Easier

By mapping out the structure of the project, it is much easier to see how components and dependencies are connected.

Real-World Proof

Full Visual Studio integration, .NET Reflector support, super fast and lightweight analysis, NDepend is conceived for real-world programmers.

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Code Diff since Baseline

Focusing on code changes since a baseline from Visual Studio (4 minutes)

Code evolution and code maintenance are some of the most prominent characteristics of software engineering. Nowadays Visual Studio relies mostly on Git to to explore code changes. But there is an impedance mismatch : Git and others Source Control Manager deals with textual changes while Visual Studio deals with code: Source Control Managers don't distinguish between comments change, formatting change, code in method refactored, type added, method visibility change or field removed.

NDepend comes with some advanced code evolution and code diff features that can distinguish between code change (like method behavior changed) and text change (like comment changed). These features are not meant to compete with or replace the Source Control Manager. Instead these NDepend features can be used as a complementary handy tool to track changes with a focus on code quality related changes.

Some properties of NDepend diff are:

  • The NDepend code diff feature is based on the concept of baseline: the current analysis result is compared against an older analysis result, which constitutes the baseline.
  • Since NDepend v2019.3 NDepend zips source files parsed. This way source diff can be performed against the baseline out-of-the-box, no upfront configuration is needed.
  • Diff can be queried. This way some rules can be enforced for code diff like the rules in the group API Breaking Changes and Code Smells Regression. More on querying diff here.
  • The tool used to diff sources is by default Visual Studio, but any other source diff tool like WinMerge can be plugged from NDepend > Options > Source File Compare Tool.

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