Analyzing .NET 5 Application


Since NDepend version 2020.2 the tool can analyze .NET 5.0 applications.

In the picture below, we can see the panel NDepend > Project properties > Code to Analyze on a .NET 5 application.

  • The .NET Profile is .NET 5.0. This profile with the right version is detected automatically when analyzing a .NET 5.0 solution or some .NET 5.0 assemblies.
  • Directories that contain the .NET 5.0 assemblies are automatically referenced.
  • .NET 5.0 referenced assemblies are automatically resolved.
  • The runtime net50 is shown for all application assemblies.
  • Note that if some assemblies are compiled against .NET Standard 2.0 for example, netstandard20 is shown instead.
  • Notice that the NDepend default rules take account of .NET 5.0 peculiarities and avoid showing false positives on .NET 5.0 code.
NDepend analyzing a .NET 5 application

Browse how your application uses .NET 5.0

It is quite interesting and informative to explore which .NET 5.0 APIs are used by your application with the NDepend dependency graph.

All other NDepend use-cases work when analyzing .NET 5 code.

.NET 5.0 Code Dependency Graph

This blog post published in September 2020 explains how to use NDepend to compare .NET 5.0 APIs against .NET Core 3.1 APIs. It then describes the most important changes and additions: